New year, New you, Greener you: Bathrooms

Hey and welcome back to week 3 of our 'New Year, New You, Greener You' blog posts.

Over the course of these posts, we hope you make at least one new year’s resolution to create a better world.

Our Earth is in need of a massive healthy resolution so why not try and adopt even one idea from these categories to make a difference to your home?

Today’s tips revolve around bathroom supplies, not the most interesting or exciting topic, but an important one and great way to swap things up this year could be a fresh start in your bathroom.

Last year we saw the Coconut Oil craze take over as one of our “super foods” but it's more than just a super 'food', it's a super product as can be used as a skin and hair moisturizer too. And, the best thing about it, is that it often comes in glass tubs - how cool is that. Geeky I know, but we're geeks and proud of it ;)

So, swap out your conventional moisturizer in a plastic bottle for some all natural coconut


Another thing you can swap up is your shampoo. When telling my Gran about my new 'bar'

of shampoo, she looked at me as though I’d turned the clock back 80 years – which I guess

for her I had! Shampoos that we use currently come in un-ecological wrapping but are also

packed full of nasty chemicals stripping our hair and skin of their natural oils which entices

us to buy more chemicals to fix this. So, for a healthier hair why not try the “no-poo”

method? Shampoo can come in solid bars of soap that lather up nicely on your wet hair and

leave you smelling delightful! These can be delivered straight to your door in eco-friendly

wrapping. Your wallet will be thanking you too as each bar of shampoo lasts 3 times as long

as a bottle of shampoo and you won’t need any conditioner either.

There are so many amazing alternatives to other bathroom products that maybe you

just hadn’t thought about! A few years ago, I decided to boycott the “pink tax” and buy

men's razors – however, I have now found better!! Bambaw have eco-friendly

safety razors made from bamboo and metal. With 100 blades for under £10 you

can’t go wrong and as they are metal you can recycle them too, Win/Win!!

Bamboo toothbrushes and powdered toothpaste are also good fun to try out – and with so

many products out there you’ll be sure to find one that suits you!

Hopefully, you find some of these tips useful and stay tuned for our next post on


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