New year, New you, Greener you: Switch up that diet.

So you might have heard of veganuary? Yea so that's a thing! People are swapping things up and instead of cutting alcohol out of their diets for the month, they are stopping eating all meats and dairy. How about thinking longer term? Like giving up meat and/or dairy one day a week for the year? Why is this? Well it's thought that the production of meat and dairy products has the largest carbon footprint with livestock contributing up to 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Take cows for example, every day, cows require up to 380 Litres of water, and it's estimated, that in the USA, 55% of freshwater is used for livestock. But the good news is by cutting meat and dairy out of our diets can save 4165 Litres of water a day! So if you were to go vegan or vegetarian even one day a week you could be saving up to 216 580 litres of water a year - I don’t know about you but it would make me feel better to do this once a week to help make up for those days that my showers are a little longer.

Not only this but rearing live stock continues to a severe loss in local biodiversity. Live stock aren't natural to the environments that they are raised in meaning the (hopefully) vast fields they are grown in are cleared of all natural vegetation removing many ecological niches or a variety of species that used to live there. Removing animals habitats is frowned upon in many situations however is rarely considered as they are replaced with other animals.

So once a week take a rain check on that steak you had in mind and swap it up for one of many tasty vegan dishes - many restaurants and cafes are jumping onto this popular new trend and you should too! Or at least consider reducing your meat and dairy consumption :)

*** it's your life so it's up to you what you chose to eat and not - personally I couldn't be a healthy vegan and therefore have a low meat diet so we’re not here to judge just to share ways that you can make a change***

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