New year, New you, Greener you: Plastics

Every year we make our new year’s resolutions, “go to the gym EVERY day” “don’t eat as much chocolate” “eat healthy” all of these revolves around our personal health I don’t know about you, but I never keep to it! So why not try something a little different this time around?

Our Earth is in need of a massive healthy resolution so why not try and adopt one of these 7 ideas to make a difference to your home?

Today’s tips revolve around single-use plastics and what we can use instead.

Let’s start at the basics and some of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic consumption – Refuse! We’re all (hopefully) aware of our current plastic epidemic but we don’t always think about our actions as we’ve been used to single-use plastics for so long. Say no to those straws when you’re out having cocktails with the gals (or the lads – I’m not one to judge!), say no to those plastic shopping bags and say no plastic containers.

If you’re a straw user because let’s be honest, it can be more fun to drink from one! There are various alternatives such as bamboo, metal or even glass straws which are all insta-worthy! I could say try out the paper ones but just don’t it’s not worth contaminating your drink with that awful paper flavour and having your straw go soggy – if in doubt go without!

When shopping, bring yourself a bag for life or a cute recycled tote bag. Shopping is all about fashion so look good whilst doing it! Or if your shopping is your usual weekly supermarket shop you can still bring your reusable bags and think about an alternative to those plastic bags in the fruit and veg aisle. Does your fruit have its own natural packaging? Can I stick the label straight onto my item? Or think about investing in a natural mesh bag to transport your greens in!

Plastic containers may seem obvious, but you don’t always realize how many you’re using. Having a meal deal with a salad or a sandwich? Those are plastic containers! So, to save the planet and your wallet try thinking about bringing in your own homemade salads and sandwiches in your reusable Tupperware or wax wraps. When you do this, you’ll also be cutting down on your single-use plastic cutlery that often comes alongside those salad boxes ;)

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