The Amazing Amazon...

The first time I ever heard about the Amazon was during an Attenborough documentary when I was about 4/5. Fast forward 30 years to November, 2018 and I’m actually going! For me the word ‘Amazon’ says it all, it needs no other explanation or introduction and when ever I lecture about our Amazon conservation project I find myself satisfyingly paused on just letting that word sink in... the ‘Amazon’. It's jungles like these that cover just 3% of our land and yet contain nearly 50% of our species!!! Its a pretty special place that appeals not only to the conservationists and animal enthusiasts out there but to anyone who wants to witness something truly awe inspiring. So my bags are packed I’ve done the flight, I’ve seen Cusco and travelled into the cloud forest and it’s here in this image, (still 1 day from the research centre) that 30 years of documentaries, books, YouTube clips and journals come flooding back but it still doesn’t do justice to the sights, sounds and smell of the Amazon jungle. You can travel anywhere via a screen but doing it yourself allows you to see the heart of the country your in and by going a little further and saying hello to the locals you will be able to tell your story and not what you think it might be like from the eyes of a tv presenter.... even though Attenborough does a pretty amazing job of course. For me life is about, exploring, roaming and being outside and if you can do that, the awesome moments will just happen.



Father, husband and conservationist

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